15 bits of advice

It's a short list of inspiring bits of advice I collected last year and that I keep referring to feel better when I need a bit of positivity.

ğŸŽ— Do what you say you're going to do. This will become much easier if you don't overpromise.

🍔 Don't keep food in your cupboards that will make you feel bad when you eat it.

✅ To prevent procrastination have a system in place with clear goals. A system will beat willpower.

😴 Take your sleep seriously. Have a night-time routine in place.

✍️ Creation is better than consumption. The more you create the more satisfied and accomplished you will feel.

💁‍♂️ You don't owe anybody anything. Nobody owes you anything.

🕘 Start something now: a new habit, learn a new skill, build a new business. Taking ownership over something is an amazing feeling.

⏳ Always demand a deadline (even on personal projects). It will prevent you from making it perfect and wasting too much time.

🧘 Practice gratitude. If you've enjoyed something be very vocal about it. Compliment the author.

📈 There was never a better time to invest. Small amounts of money invested regularly for many years are a safe path to wealth.

🧑‍🏫 Obsessing about serving your clients / audience will take you further than obsessing about beating your competition.

😈 Hatred is a curse that doesn't affect the hated. Release a grudge and carry on with life.

🤝 Apologise quickly, sincerely and specifically.

🛌 Naps are not embarrassing. Take a 20min nap to reenergise your system.

🦄 Think positively: the universe is conspiring to make you a success. ✨