The Power of Twitter

It's easy to take social media lightly, but, even with my modest amount of followers and interactions, Twitter is, for me, the best platform for making new connections, growing a following and even signing new business deals.

Last week at the end of a long workday, I posted a small, grainy gif that showed a brief interaction I created in Figma. I was preparing for a board meeting presentation, and, as a last-minute update, I wanted to show the board and the developer a little bit of interaction I envisioned for one of their central CTAs.

Pill Button Gradient

I didn't have enough time to launch After Effects (my ageing rMBP takes a good few minutes to render the main window), so I decided to recreate my animation using Figma, the tool I had used in the first place to design the entire product page.

The resulting animation turned out okay, so I decided to share it on Twitter and see what sort of reaction I would get. This is the original tweet

A lot of people liked it and interacted with that tweet. To my total surprise, a day later, a very talented developer by the name of @HeyZohaib decided to recreate the effect in Webflow and posted his process and end-result on this page

Because of this interaction, I received three job offers from new leads, closing two of those within the same day and made a lot of new connections I didn't have before.

It's not the first time that something like this has happened to me, but, it's a good reminder that sharing work-in-progress shots and animations is a great way of growing your connections and cementing your status as a knowledgeable user. You never know what might come out of an innocent post or conversation.

I would also recommend watching this short but incredibly informative video of how some power-users take advantage of Twitter.